Life Care Planning and Cost Projections

Life Care Planning

Each plan includes collaboration of the injured party, family and physicians, providing the most accurate information as possible for reasonably and medically necessary future care through life expectancy. Each plan is personal and unique to the specific injuries of the individual.

Injuries that may require a life care plan include:

Spinal cord injuries

Brain injuries (both traumatic and acquired)

Birth-related injuries (Cerebral palsy and brachial plexus injuries)



National foodborne illness (listeria. e-coli and salmonella),

Gentamicin toxicity-vestibular injuries

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Chronic Pain

Some types of Cancer

Sexual trauma

Correctional Facility Trauma

Surgical related injuries

Life Care Plan Critiques and Deposition Preparation

Knowing the right questions to ask makes all the difference. Sherry Latham & Associates can review opposition life care plans to ensure accurate usage of standards and procedures as well as prepare you with questions for deposition.

Cost Projections

Cost projections are utilized when a case is likely to settle and includes many of the same components of a life care plan. The primary difference is that a cost projection is not intended for the purpose of trial and thus includes less detail.