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Whether your client has a catastrophic injury or facing a specific surgical or treatment intervention, future medical care equates to economic damages.  The collaboration and experience of our team will provide the most accurate, customized and evidence-based presentation of the economic damages related to your client’s needs.


Concierge consultation services are available for mediation, deposition and trial.  Sherry Latham & Associates can assist with the tedious details of building your damages team.  Our meticulous review of your case, extensive research, critique and preparation of materials for opposing experts, organization and preparation for trial, focus groups and demonstratives are just a few of the services we provide.   


Private case management assists with linking consumers to needed resources, providing appropriate referrals to needed services, and advocating for the consumers medical and tangible needs. It reduces the burden of caregivers by providing coordination of appointments, assistance with obtaining needed medical equipment and navigating the complex realms of living with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities.


Our company provides medical-legal & behavioral-health consulting, life care plans, cost projections and medical legal consulting services on a national level.  Sherry Latham & Associates is a multidisciplinary team, which allows us to provide excellent evidence-based life care plans encompassing the whole person. For sixteen years Sherry Latham and Associates has provided hundreds of life care plans for a variety of injuries, reports, and testimony nationwide. Our team is also proud to offer trial consultation, deposition preparation, life care plan critiques, coordination of day in the life videos and other experts as needed, and in-house educational programs focused on life care plans, specific catastrophic injuries, and behavioral health.

Sherry A. Latham, BSN RN CLNC CLCP MSCC CNLCP graduated with her degree in nursing from The University of Oklahoma in 1985. She has been a certified life care planner for the past sixteen years practicing on a national level in state and federal venues. She has been involved in cases of personal injury. criminal, divorce,  private trusts and mass tort claims.  Ms. Latham was a member of the International Commission on Health Care Certification CLCP Board of Commissioners from 2007-2019.  She was appointed Chair of the ICHCC CLCP Board of Commissioners from 2012-2019. As a member of the CLCP Board of Commissioners, she has been involved in the development of the standards of practice, development of test questions, Role and Function Studies, competency reviews of applicants, reviews of educational programs for life care planning and CEU’s, review of ethical violations involving certified life care planners.  Ms. Latham also served on the Executive Board of the ICHCC from 2012-2019.


Ms. Latham serves Adjunct Faculty, Lead Instructor for Capital University Law School Life Care Planning Program and co-developed the new evidence-based curriculum for CULS in 2018.  She enjoys teaching and mentoring to provide growth in the field and knowledge base of life care planning.  

Ms. Latham was designated as a Fellow of the International Academy of Life Care Planners in 2019 (FIALCP).

Sherry A. Latham

Britane' D. Outlaw MS, LPC, CLCP, CCM graduated with a Masters of Science in Counseling in 2013 and has been a practicing clinician and liaison ever since. In 2018 Ms. Outlaw began her participation in the Oklahoma Mental Health and Aging Coalition, which has focused on improving mental healthcare for seniors in Oklahoma. She has worked with a variety of populations including adults, adolescents, children, and geriatrics. Ms. Outlaw has a history of working both inpatient and outpatient settings. Ms. Outlaw provides private case management for catastrophic injuries, behavioral health cases, and a variety of other lifelong illnesses and injuries. She is also a certified life care planner and provides expertise in plans with a behavioral health focus. Ms. Outlaw particularly enjoys her work as a consultant regarding cases with a mental health component both in a civil and criminal realm.

Britane' D. Outlaw


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